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A Break Down of Skin Aging & How We Can Battle It!

March 10, 2019

There are two types of skin aging.  Intrinsic & Extrinsic. 

Intrinsic Aging is caused by our genetic make-up that has been passed down from our parents' gene pool.  This aging begins in our mid-20's & continues on.  Collagen growth slows down & our Elastin does not respond well & compromised.  These two  are the main components to the firmness & elasticity of our skin. 

Extrinsic aging is due to any number of outside sources, & the number one source is the SUN.  The damage cause by the sun is called "Photo-aging".  Aside from this, pollution, smoking & products that we thought are helping can actually add to the damage to our skin.

We can slow down aging by fighting the Extrinsic causes by using the right Sun Protection & avoiding sun exposure as much as possible.  Regularly exfoliating, using Anti-Oxidants & Peptides, Moisturizer & Hydration can minimizes the insult caused by this free radicals.

  By using  Cosmeceutical grade products, you will get the efficacy that an over the counter products can not provide.  Getting regular facial will help resurface new skin, improve Collagen production revealing youthful, glowing & beautiful skin. 

Living a healthy active life style, eating more vegetables & fruits, and drinking lots of water will definitely help!!!